(B.Sc Business Admin)



OYE MARTINS A Bsc (hons) holder in Business Management from the University of Nigeria, he started his working career with an international courier company called IAS COURIER now christened TNT INTERNATIONAL after their merger with IAS. Incidentally, he did his national youth service corps with IAS courier in 1985. He worked in several departments of this courier company and gained valuable experience which saw him rising to the position of a sales manager in a very short time.


In 1987, he secured an employment with a blue collar outfit in London and so had to leave Nigeria for the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, he picked interest in their capital market, Because of his experience with the United Kingdom market he was always looking forward to the day the Nigeria market will pick up.


In 1998 when our present Managing director took up the issue of investing in the Nigeria capital market with him, he saw that the market has gone beyound what he thought it was. Then started the genesis of his interest in the market place. In 1998 when CRANE SECURITIES LIMITED was conceived he became one of the initial subscribers to the memorandum and articles of association of CRANE SECURITIES LIMITED picking up a reasonable percentage of the share capital that was available.


He is married to beautiful Elsie who is British and they have two children. He loves reading a lot, he has also written so many books, top among his hobbies is soccer which he plays every Sunday not minding which part of the globe he may be at that particular time.







Stock Broker and Financial Consultant, he graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu Campus with a B.Sc. (hons) degree in Business Management in 1984.


Before veering into the capital market he had worked at E.J. Pharmaceutical in 1985, (a Multinational drug company involved in large scale importation and also local Manufacturing of drugs) as sales representative in the eastern zone covering River state, Anambra state, Enugu state, Benue state, Akwa Ibom state, Crossriver state, and Imo state. and rose to the position of sales Manager before joining Chinno Enterprises as Import. Export Manager in 1987.


Chinno is also a multinational company involved mainly in the export of produce to Europe and the Far east. He left Chinno in 1989 and joined Viva Securities Limited as a pioneer staff in Port Harcourt, River state. At Viva, he handled capital market issues which includes:

The Orient Bank Public Issue
Corporative and Commerce Bank Public Issue
The Enugu State Technical Committee on Privatization and Commercialization.


And most importantly, he acted as the only Stock Broker that was co-opted by the then Enugu State Government as a member of the asset sharing committee of the defunct Anambra State and the new Enugu State. That work is still a model that other states still use as a reference point.


He later worked at M & M Securities Limited in 1994 before resigning to join Crane Securities Limited in 1998 as the chief Executive Officer. While working in these other places, he obtained indelible working experience in issuing house, stock broking and financial advisory services.


He has attended numerous workshops, seminals and courses on investment banking and capital market operations.




BARRISTER AHAM EJELAM – Director/Shareholder

He graduated from the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus in 1994, and holds a BL, LLB and LLM Degree in Law. He runs a firm of Barristers and Solicitor with headquarters in Port Harcourt, River State and branches in Owerri Imo State and Enugu Enugu State. His area of interest is Corporate Law and Investment.


Most of his corporate clients are quoted companies and Bank. He also has investment in these companies as well.


A distinguished legal luminary, he was one of the lawyers involved in the celebrated trial of the Ogoni nine appearing on the part of Government.

He is married with two children.


He likes music, reading and writing. He has done a couple of legal works and novels to date.




CHIEF DAVID ILAMAH – Director/Shareholder

A Kano based businessman, started his career after graduating from the University of Benin in 1982. He read Polital Science. He later travelled to United State of America where he did a Master Degree Programe in Investment Strategies and Procedure in Washington DC.


After a taste of the America business environment he came back in 1996 to establish a chain of business both in Kano and Benin the former capital of the then Bendel State.


While in America he got into capital market. His area of concentration is the second tier securities market with other low priced first – tier stocks as investment avenues. Today, he is worth million of Naira in Shares.


He is married with five children – two boys and three girls.


His hobbies include boating and golf. He also loves flying small aircraft.




IBRAHIM OGOH – Director/Shareholder

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from the University of Jos in Plateau State where he graduated in 1989 with honours.


After his National Youth Service he worked briefly with the Ministry of Commerce in Makurdi the capital of Benue his home state before moving up to Kano for a stint with private employment in 1992.


Ever since then he has been investment and entrepreneur with special interest in export trade. Before venturing into investment and allied areas he had exported goods worth billion of Naira to Europe and the Americas.


He joined the board of CRANE SECURITIES LIMITED in March 1998 and has ever since then been a strong pillar and a tremendous motivator of both the staff, management and his fellow directors on the board.


He has immense interest in the capital market. He has investment in major blue chip companies i.e. Cadbury Nig. PLC., NBL Plc., PZI Plc. And SKBeecham Nig. Plc. With these reputable investments, he contends with any other major player in the market place.


He is married with three children and loves car racing and boating, which he usually participates in whenever he is on vacation overseas.